Announcing the Winning Artworks for the AxieGlobal Explorer Contest

4 min readJun 26, 2022


In June 2022, we had over 50 submissions for the #AxieGlobalExplorerContest which saw all kinds of fans pour their love into creating crossovers of Axie, Kusho, TreasureDAO, Legends of Venari, Thetan Arena and more. XGlobal supports web3 games and platforms that are building a better tomorrow for gamers everywhere.

We’d like to take the chance to thank all our participants and for following our journey to bring the best artists to the game. We also found great partners in TreasureDAO ( and of course Kūsho World ( who gave all participants the opportunity to mint a limited edition NFT — the prized Artisans’ Seal:

Let’s not forget our Prize Pool which was bolstered by a number of TreasureDAO sponsors including Magic Dragon DAO (, ClocksnatcherDAO ( and Magus ( to a huge prize pool of $AXS and $MAGIC

Without further ado, here are our winners:


1st Place: Axie Metaverse by Alab Ng Apoy

2nd Place: Kusho World x Axie Infinity by fran6

3rd Place: Axie Discovery by GulaManYOW (1st Place Pegaxy)

4th Place: Axies in Bridgeworld by Sims Cryptort (1st Place TreasureDAO)

5th Place: Axies x Magic Dragon by Casaul, Carl Jerome (2nd Place TreasureDAO)

6. Axie x Monsta by Jalen Castaneda

7. Axie Monsta Bus by Joshua Nunez

8. Legion Axie by Pranjal Kar (Third Place TreasureDAO)

9. Axies exploring new worlds by GulaManYOW

10. Axie Race in the Metaverse by Mimi Arts (2nd Place Pegaxy)

11. Axie x Kusho 1 by Hermes Wayan

12. Axie Antello by Pranjal Kar

13. Axie Recruit by Gundran Henry James A (4th TreasureDAO)

14. Shannen’s Metaverse by Shannen (5th TreasureDAO)

15. AxiePunkz by Aileen de Guzman

16. Axies love TreasureDAO by Valentina Lópes (6th TreasureDAO)

17. Axies in Kusho World by Sims Cryptort

18. Axie Kusho Metaverse by Labyrinth Pisti

19. Ashen Swordsmanship Third Form: A Thousand Blades by Mokee

20th — Honorable Mention: An Imaginary World by Drake

Thank you again to all our participants who excitedly contributed to this contest and exploration of games in the metaverse. We had many great submissions and were unable to reward them all.

If you were a winner, please DM @axie_global on Twitter your Ronin address for AXS transfer. Your ETH address will already be on file — if you were rewarded MAGIC, it will be transferred to you on the Arbitrum network (for more information, please check

For any other enquiries, please contact us on Twitter/Facebook.